Phone charging out of trouble


Phone charging out of trouble

Science Linguistics from Ukraine Vladimir Miroslav kysylyf that can be claimed once a battery that provides up to twelve years of continuous electrical current smartphones. The astonishing thing is that the battery will need recharging once! In addition to smart phones that claim to scientists, the invention of the electric cars can also provide continuous power for so long.

Vladimir Miroslav professor of bio-organic chemistry at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine kysylyf. He's in the international competition of research projects prepared by battery exposure, sykuraskayy challenge. The matching sewing box battery was apparent claim impressive but scientists Ukrainian science that this device is kept active electronic devices over the past year and will continue to provide power without recharge for the next eleven years. 

Unlike ordinary batteries, battery electric storage, but does not develop into a reason to not require recharging Miroslav Putin said. If the battery is actually a plant.

Battery companies and researchers around the world in efforts to develop a battery that will charge devices like smartphones in low and does not require recharging for several days. These companies have enormous resources, in spite of the specialists still a revolutionary battery did not create, but Vladimir Miroslav made of battery two to four days, the whole twelve years to electrical and electronic equipment will continue to provide electricity ? 

According to senior researcher traytyym answer. This factor has been the ability to remove electrons.

Vladimir Miroslav alyktrukymykl cells were taken from that element, which stated battery are a thousand times more powerful. This kind of cell in the Ukraine are being used since the 1930s, but power was never used them.

Interesting thing is that this project was rejected by Vladimir Miroslav and his team was requested to provide funds to the government. 

The government refused, he himself funded the project costs. During the exhibition sykuraskayy challenge Vladimir Miroslav invention was a great success and these days he is in talks with the Turkish and Chinese manufacturers in the battery version for use in smartphones.


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