Now Google Chrome, also helps To save money


Now Google Chrome, also helps To save money

Google has introduced a new version of Chrome web browser for Android users that will help them save money and odds.

Yes Google Chrome version 55 have been several updates to the text in the wrong spelling words will be automatically highlighted, while it will also reduce the burden on memory.

The browser now it will do much better on low memory devices.

But the most special feature results tab will help you save the cost of consumer data.

Users will now be able to download entire Web pages with the help of this new tab will also be able to read them offline and have images and text.

Similar videos or music will also be saved for offline viewing.

Which will be a new section, you will see the content you've downloaded and be able to share with others.

This feature was announced in September, which aims to bring the browser to Google in developing countries.

The feature has accumulated much data users download Chrome, it will be the consumer who will be able to delete it.


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