Nokia returns with Android smartphone.


Nokia returns with Android smartphone.

Much later be introduced at the beginning of the first Android smartphone Nokia in 2017

After last week's announcement back in tablets and phones on the market, the company now Finland has issued a statement in this regard.

Nokia will introduce its H MD devices under a licensing agreement with Global.

H MD is a Finland company and now it is the new home of Nokia phones and ten-year license agreement between the two companies.

Nokia said on Thursday introduced new phones section on their website and made it clear that he is ready to return to the market.

Microsoft bought the company adopted the name Lumia phone business over the Nokia brand.

They will be offered for sale in other common features with the Nokia phones will come out during the first half of 2017, Nokia's first Android phone.

Nokia had earlier runs on Microsoft to sell phone business was tested with Android, Android and iPad clones that had developed.

However, the Windows operating system in all Nokia smartphones around, new phone Android operating system may be able to attract consumers in the form of Nokia come up with.

Now it remains to be seen how that competition Nokia Android smartphone Apple, Google, Samsung and other companies.


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