Indicate the iPhone 6 million batteries


Indicate the iPhone 6 million batteries

As a result of the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to explode chains had agreed to stop sales of the model and end it now seems to be facing the same problem Apple.

Various reports have appeared recently on the Apple iPhone Six According to Yahoo News, which was launched shackles change programs for affected users have acknowledged problems in the device battery.

But it's the end shackles of skin problems of charging and the phone was off, but now face a more serious problem than Apple and is tearing these devices.

Dec 6 complaints were brought to the iPhone six events in China's exploding on the Shanghai Consumer Council has called for Apple to solve them.According to the Council should be accountable to Apple users, most grievances are not resolved effectively.

The council said in its official statement so far at least phone batteries exploding least 8 separate incidents reported and complaints have increased over the past two months.

It has come to such events in different parts of the world, such as New Jersey iPhone burst into a student's pocket while an event occurred in Australia.Because of these problems from Apple is called the error occurred during manufacture.

According to the company, the issue of iPhones were up in October 2015 to September, which is limited to six million, and will change the fetters of these devices.Users can go to Apple's website in this regard that the device may include a program to change the battery or not.


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