In 2016 the figure was dominated by Google


In 2016 the figure was dominated by Google

I do not believe the people want to know about Donald Trump.

Google is to say the least.

Yes worldwide, which was the highest figure in Google search that no newly elected American president is Donald Trump.

The Time quoted the data of Google in a magazine report that people around the world suffer the most curious of Donald Trump than anyone else.

Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Russia and Saudi Arabia from Donald Trump in the 88 countries most searched personalities.

The popularity of Google declared 2015 to review the data for each country in search of personality Donald Trump during the 2016 top.

The President will lead leola da Silva in Brazil, while Colombia and Singapore dominate the Olympic gold medalist Mariana pajun Joseph Schooling respectively.

I loved Morocco residents learn about Leonardo DiCaprio will be Angelina Jolie in Montenegro remain top of Hadid and Tunisia.


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