Facebook Messenger is now 'game on'


Facebook Messenger is now 'game on'

Facebook gives weary waiting for the response of the messages to your friends on Messenger? So let them challenge the high score in this new instant messaging app games.

Yes Facebook Messenger Pac-Man, Space uydrz these and other games are available in your message window, that HTML seconds to load because the five are designed for mobile web standards.

Facebook is expected that it will be forced to spend more time on the messenger than the friendly people.

And I also believe that the gradual social networking site popular instant games that will earn dollars.

The Instant games were introduced in 30 countries around the world on the night of 29 November and 17 games have been provided to consumers.

These games will be played on the desktop version of Facebook while controls on mobile icon will appear next to the photos and stickers.

Earlier Facebook Messenger, etc. Some games, such as chess or basketball, but now is the first time provides for regular users of entertainment games.

According to the head of David Marcos Facebook Messenger, we were left shock watching games popularity messenger, not too surprised that people enjoy not only on how games and challenge friends, when they had the opportunity we decided to introduce a better experience for gaming and was the original game developers for this.


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