Facebook made a change from silence


Facebook made a change from silence

Facebook's often not even given some features introduced in the silence of millions of users.

The book has been a huge change for our customers have not experienced them yet.

Yes, now you can fill color in the background updating your status and a big change made by Facebook this year.

Facebook introduced to the best feature made quietly past its mobile app.

It is very easy just updated the Facebook app and start writing in the status column.

It can be used as a background application, which will then forward antkab colors status.

Now turn white from Facebook's facility to use as background seven colors.

Apparently so happy as aims to change the status color to suit your mood or upset customers pale gray.

As a result of this change in status updates has come at a very bold white text that comes between the background looks like a newspaper headline.

This feature is currently only available for Android users while Facebook has not officially announced any side in this regard.


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