Einstein's famous theory about to be wrong?


Einstein's famous theory about to be wrong?

When Albert was Einstein's relativity his famous theory (Theory of relativity) to become the basis of what is consistent speed was light, but now researchers have indicated that modern physics or physics-based one This concept was so well understood as the great scientist.

Yes indeed is the scientist who experience which will be tested this idea of ​​Einstein speed of light is the same or not.

Ampyryyl College London Professor Joao and Canada Institute, Dr. Perry meters nyays afsurdy 1990 it was suggested that the Big Bang Claude speeds faster than decade now.

There have been experiments on the idea and if it proved to be correct will shake the foundations of physics over the past 100 years.

Light ion was said Bronstein's theory of relativity is traveling everywhere at the same speed and the same idea was used to determine the age of the universe.

But this new idea being that if one light travel at the speed of the Big Bang was not much time to spread the extent they can, the scientists called Horizon Problem.

The researchers said that the speed of light to solve the initial period was faster than today.

The scientists are now testing to prove this idea, it could be a test of this idea was introduced in the 90's and has become so serious.

He said "I think in the near future will improve if true Einstein's theory of relativity was.

If the experiment is successful, you will need to do more to prove it right.


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