China's revolutionary engine ''s drive to go ahead in the race to claim'


China's revolutionary engine ''s drive to go ahead in the race to claim'

In short, the electromagnetic drive M drive (EmDrive) is called, an engine that is running out of petrol, diesel, gas and electric and electronic strength of electromagnetic radiation would require investment.

The conventional engine is a mechanical process of changing the state status of the substances which are produced under co mayarhrkt or mechanical reaction. It provides the power to run the reaction engine. In contrast M drive will not cause reactions. 

This engine will power the electronic radiation investments held in a microwave caveat. According to Newton's third law, every action has a reaction, and the reaction force is equal to the force, but the M drive against the law.

In 2010, the United States and China on the preparation of this revolutionary engine started work at the same time. After six years now China has claimed M drive've created. Commercial satellite technology for the China Academy of Space Technology Director Dr. 

Chen Yu announced in December that China has tested ten successful M drives technology and its practical test centers have experienced being in space. Earth Orbit tyang Gong to the experience of China was delivered in September. M drive is being tested in the same.

The concept of creation was presented the Roger M. drive suyyr British. Interesting thing to consider is that it is impossible to create this kind of science, most scientists engine. They say that contradict the basic laws of physics can not be any invention. 

According to scientists, such as optical devices can be produced but impossible to realize them. In this context, the world of science is curiosity about China's claim. Scientists also truth in the claim that the ordinary student eager to learn science.

If the claim is true, then China's drive to create a new chapter will be based in the exploration of the universe, because theoretically the most suitable engine for travel in outer space. Lack of fuel needed to lose weight would be to prepare the spacecraft. 

M Drive in that the energy source is, therefore, such a power plant would be able to provide energy for space vehicles and other equipment. The small size using the M-Drive technology, but they could be made more useful satellites. It's the most important thing to do is drive the engine so fast aircraft using it will be able to ensure that only ten days to reach Mars from Earth.


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