Bill Gates, the richest man in the world again


Bill Gates, the richest man in the world again

The world's leading technology company, Microsoft founder Bill Gates once declared the richest man in the world.

American magazine Forbes has a year's worth of the assets of Bill Gates released a list of the richest 

personalities of 2016 were $ 75 billion and thus the world's richest person.

According to the report, last year Bill Gates was worth $ 79.2 billion in assets decreased year.

Bill Gates is the richest person in the world when the 17th time in the last 22 years.

Apparel maker declared Zara was second with $ 67 billion in assets while the owner Bridges Ortega Berkshire chief Warren hythauy third richest person with a $ 60.8 billion Inc. bafyt.

Mexico Telecommunications Chairman fourth with Carlos aslym Hello $ 50 billion.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 31, came sixth straight and 16th in value of these assets was $ 44.6 billion.

Cosmetics company from luryal Mistress Lilian France Log in Baton Court stay at No. 11 with $ 36.1 billion.

That the number of billionaires in the world has a thousand 810 have a net worth of $ 6.5 trillion in assets, 

including its 30 th annual list of richest people in the world, Forbes said.

According to a person of average total assets worth of billionaires is the first time in history has been lower than last year.

The average value of a billionaire's assets in 2016 were $ 30 million lower than last year.

According to most people in the world there are 540 billionaires in the United States.


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