Bill Gates is the most guilty of what?


Bill Gates is the most guilty of what?

Most people only know 3 things about Bill Gates.

One was the richest man in the world, the second is that he has a Microsoft foundation of the most successful companies in the world, while the third is that they are part of social activities and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation humans worldwide is working for development.

But did you know that Bill Gates is What bothered or say that the biggest regret of his life?

Indeed, some years ago, Bill Gates the people online dialogue it was revealed themselves.And he is a foreigner (from England) do not know the language.

He said: "I consider myself to be very stupid that I do not know any foreign language, I took Latin and Greek subjects in high school and grade too and help them because I raise my womb ml.

He added, "But I wish that in French, Arabic or even knowledge of the Chinese language, I now hope that they will take the time to Coin to learn a language, possibly that of the French is the easiest.

He said, "I had also once Dave Lang (Language) application in this regard, but it could not keep.

The world's richest man, the founder of Facebook in this regard the mark are affected by Zuckerberg and said, Mark Zuckerberg took a surprise to learn the Chinese language and participate in the questions session with Chinese students, who really cool Is'.


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