Aircraft arriving within a minute Karachi To Lahore.


Aircraft arriving within a minute 

Karachi To Lahore.

Do you like to travel in a plane that arrived in the US in less than a half hour from Karachi to New York? Indeed, some of those who claim similar to the ship of a new generation.

Canadian designer Charles bumbrdyyr have envisioned the anti-iPod plane named will decide less than a minute, if the distance of New York to Karachi will be able to fix in just 26 to 28 minutes or say that the distance from Karachi to Lahore .

The aircraft will be used a new technique long penetration mode that helps travel several times the speed compared to current aircraft in the aircraft.

Ten passengers will be able to travel and be able to fly the aircraft from the runway of an airport.

After the flight the rocket boosters will be delivered at an altitude of 40 thousand feet using it and the 
supersonic jet engine sound RAM will help speed 21 times faster than speed.

The aircraft will be capable of traveling at a speed of 16 thousand miles per hour, while the Boeing 747 is a general speed limit of 570 mph, which you acknowledge it will be much faster.

The designer of the plane will be capable of detecting even before the expiry of a football around the world.

The aircraft is currently in the preparation stages of Primary and yet it can not be overcome has been working on the design, the speed at which it is viewed over heating problems and too much noise etc.

NASA designer and an engineer working for the US Department of Defense Wiley company has offered to coordinate to overcome these problems.

According to the engineer Joseph Hazel Tyne NASA which can overcome these problems through this technique has been tested in the long penetration mode.

The rocket boosters will help bring the aircraft will be at 40 thousand feet and then back to the airport and use it again.

The boosters will be present at every emergency landing aircraft which help to reduce the speed and difficulty.


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