The 10 places where the most lightning

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The 10 places where the most lightning

Washington: According to the study, only one square kilometer years of a lake myrasaybu Venezuela 230 times 

lightning why experts are annually 297 Storm over the lake because we refuse to drive the boat in the middle of 

the lake and 230 times the power thunder when the track list includes the area of Bannu district in Pakistan.

Tropical rain fall is myxrng missions several times a year where power has created a list of the most heavenly 

lightning key locations around the world by satellite thunder including this area.

1: Lake myrasaybu, 232 times a year in Venezuela where lightning.

2: 205 cases of lightning in the annual kybyra African Congo region.

3 incidents of lightning 176 times in kampyn an area of ​​Congo.

4: sysyrs, 172 times annually in Colombia lightning.

5: Another area where Congo SEK 144 times the power is bright.

6 incident in Bannu district of Pakistan's lightning 143 times a town road.

7: Colombia Region L Tara occurred 138 cases of lightning.

8: nguty, more than 129 times the lightning struck in Cameroon.

9. Section 129.5 of the Congo byutymbu lightning activity was recorded.

10: byundy Congo is 127 times lightning.

4 places that are different from area to area Congo in this list are included in the list. According to satellite data meteorologist Tropical rain does fall myxrng As satellite mission around the earth is capable of lightning and thunder note on a specific location 3 times in 3 days. The satellite Most of lightning activity in the lake are at myrasaybu.

Experts heavenly lightning thundering events is too small an area where the temperature is high in these areas. 

Sides of the lake, scientists are continuing regarding the Andes mountains, in the lake and the area around it is heated very quickly and the winds coming from the lake and the valley are born this storm when reaching the mountains and lightning begins. In September, it is a bright blue lightning Lake intervals.

Free Wi-Fi is now so easy to use

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Free Wi-Fi is now so easy to use

Do you want to use Wi-Fi to roam anywhere? You will now book your help with this.

Yes, Facebook has started testing a feature that will be closest to the Wi-Fi networks, which will help to free use.

This experimental feature is currently in limited quantities and are in the iOS app Facebook finder Wi-Fi are in the menu.

Facebook spokesman also confirmed that the company wants to help stay connected and stay online with your friends through this feature.

Once you switch on this feature around Facebook app automatically places itself seems to Detect and display them on the map.

Even if it offers to the business of the place, nature and WiFi you know that you are not connecting the device to a network.

This feature will prove very useful in developing countries where most people do not use them because of expensive mobile data.

The world's fastest electric car

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The world's fastest electric car

China does not need fuel to run the chalked the fastest car.

This new e-Nine world's fastest electric car called the EV has prepared the company NeXT.

The car that was introduced at the London Art Gallery and the company claims it can hold up to 62 miles per hour in less than three seconds.

It's environmentally friendly and it seems like the quickest car overall run of 124 miles per hour in 7.1 seconds, just sixteen seconds at 186 miles per hour

The vehicle weight is 1735 kg can be weighed only 635 kg while the batteries are changed power packs.

This car is driven up to 265 miles on a charge, while his stunned've designed.

6 company such vehicles are manufactured and a manufacturing cost of $ 12 million (over 12 million Indian rupees), it's just not buying each.

The company's low-cost electric car next year will also be offered for sale to consumers.

Do not charge the phone before sleeping time

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Do not charge the phone before sleeping time

Smartphone users are often asleep at bedtime use of the devices and then head charge.

But recently I was an incident on the phone charging the night which came to the United States were to burst through the device warm during sleep and caught fire after which the police threatening habit people's lives that alerts issued may prove to be.

Police have urged mobile phone users to stop the habit or at least at such a charging device in your bedroom do not go to sleep.

This photo released by the police there were burned on Twitter phone which took place in New York.

Been uploaded several pictures of the phones on the official Twitter account of the New York police, who were left to sleep at night charging and caught fire.

With this warning was also 'Do not put your smart phone charging pillows under his head during sleep, or else it could also be used to kill.

Been uploaded several pictures of the phones on the official Twitter account of the New York police, who were left to sleep at night charging and caught fire.

With this warning was also 'Do not put your smart phone charging pillows under his head during sleep, or else it could also be used to kill.

The warning came forward with their concerns when smart phones come with heated special problems of their batteries, especially Samsung Galaxy Note 7 became a big problem.

Einstein's famous theory about to be wrong?

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Einstein's famous theory about to be wrong?

When Albert was Einstein's relativity his famous theory (Theory of relativity) to become the basis of what is consistent speed was light, but now researchers have indicated that modern physics or physics-based one This concept was so well understood as the great scientist.

Yes indeed is the scientist who experience which will be tested this idea of ​​Einstein speed of light is the same or not.

Ampyryyl College London Professor Joao and Canada Institute, Dr. Perry meters nyays afsurdy 1990 it was suggested that the Big Bang Claude speeds faster than decade now.

There have been experiments on the idea and if it proved to be correct will shake the foundations of physics over the past 100 years.

Light ion was said Bronstein's theory of relativity is traveling everywhere at the same speed and the same idea was used to determine the age of the universe.

But this new idea being that if one light travel at the speed of the Big Bang was not much time to spread the extent they can, the scientists called Horizon Problem.

The researchers said that the speed of light to solve the initial period was faster than today.

The scientists are now testing to prove this idea, it could be a test of this idea was introduced in the 90's and has become so serious.

He said "I think in the near future will improve if true Einstein's theory of relativity was.

If the experiment is successful, you will need to do more to prove it right.

New trend spreads like a virus on the Internet

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New trend spreads like a virus on the Internet

Perhaps you have it with the hashtag will see some photos on the Twitter or Instagram today.

If it is working on a new trend of social media, so if you search on Twitter or Instagram, you'll see posts by people of all ages around the world.

This trend is to share it with the much older but in recent days the new emphasis which had few celebrities

Basically it's really hash tag to describe the images changed in different parts of life, and that they show how far they have changed through the years.

Interestingly, that means that dubbed not know, is used for literal it dunce or stupid in terms of meaning, but has not shown any logical explanation for this since the internet and people are just your share pictures from childhood to being present age.

While doing her share pictures like young, but people of all ages around the world are also part of this and if this is because of the reputation is also found, such as more than 70 thousand people liked to be friends with a woman have.

Facebook Messenger is now 'game on'

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Facebook Messenger is now 'game on'

Facebook gives weary waiting for the response of the messages to your friends on Messenger? So let them challenge the high score in this new instant messaging app games.

Yes Facebook Messenger Pac-Man, Space uydrz these and other games are available in your message window, that HTML seconds to load because the five are designed for mobile web standards.

Facebook is expected that it will be forced to spend more time on the messenger than the friendly people.

And I also believe that the gradual social networking site popular instant games that will earn dollars.

The Instant games were introduced in 30 countries around the world on the night of 29 November and 17 games have been provided to consumers.

These games will be played on the desktop version of Facebook while controls on mobile icon will appear next to the photos and stickers.

Earlier Facebook Messenger, etc. Some games, such as chess or basketball, but now is the first time provides for regular users of entertainment games.

According to the head of David Marcos Facebook Messenger, we were left shock watching games popularity messenger, not too surprised that people enjoy not only on how games and challenge friends, when they had the opportunity we decided to introduce a better experience for gaming and was the original game developers for this.

How planets are discovered?

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How planets are discovered?

There are 8 planets in our solar system, including Earth, which are marked with an asterisk, which revolve around our sun. 

Two decades ago we did not know whether our solar system, there are also other planets in our galaxy, or not.

It has been recently discovered a planet revolves around our nearest star, pruksyma syntary B after the sun.

The system is estimated to have discovered how planets outside our solar flourish and evaluate the possibilities of life on them, let us know by Dr Salman Hameed.

Powered battery accidentally Up 400 years

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Powered battery accidentally Up 400 years

A student who accidentally has a battery that can be prepared, for up to four years.

It was almost as accidental invention is put to the scientists stunned the world.

Maya Lee Thai PhD student University of California and they are trying to improve the design of the nano wires rechargeable batteries.

Awesome nano wires are present on the surface alyktrunz but because the conductors are very fragile and are removed after a few charge.

The same thing was Maya Lee Thai and research fellow and were down Embed the electric wires made of gold nano prison.

During this experience, he has surprising discovery of a battery of three months to two of the million charge cycles doing just fine and researcher battery can give a general Smartphone or laptop to power up to 400 years.

Said the head of the Chemistry Faculty of the University of California Reynard pynnyr this astonishing, as battery 

performance in five or six thousand charging cycles usually fall more than seven thousand charge would be enough for him are.

Scientists still can not make prison life battery and a super combined gold virus but because gold is a very expensive metal, so researchers want to try other alternative blocks before the battery in the market.

Now this can not be said always driven this long-lasting battery will be able to use the first test but quite impressive.

Samsung Galaxy S 8 will be better than the iPhone?

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Samsung Galaxy S 8 will be better 

than the iPhone?

Samsung to enhance their new flagship Galaxy S 8. Apple is now some of the most unique features that did not see it like a model so far.

Samsung's phone is expected to be introduced early next year and wants to blow out from the South Korean company Galaxy Note 7.

Such reports will use the most advanced hardware Samsung Galaxy S 8 that have emerged, including the most powerful front-facing camera and a powerful processor and large screen.

Korean news site ET News claims that have been Glace S 8 front first auto focus camera has the ability.

This is good news for those wishing to self-Auto Focus will provide consumers with the opportunity to take the best pictures.

Now there are very few devices support auto-focus front camera, while the iPhone is still deprived of it.

Auto Focus technology in smartphones are more megapixels than the front, which is used for the back camera.

Keeping the same thing, Samsung decided to keep the front camera of the Galaxy S 8 auto focus so be it unique compared to other flagship smartphones.

It is also being said that while the phone is also rumored to be thinner than 256 GB of storage and up to 6 GB of RAM that are circulating.

Like the previous three years, Galaxy S 8 will also be introduced with two models, but this time a standard 5.7-inch screen device may seam that Galaxy S is quite large compared to the 5.1-inch screen.

The S 8 Plus 6.2-inch edge-to-edge display that will prove to be the phone of Samsung is by far the biggest screen smartphone.

Most of Samsung are introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February its new flagship phones, but this time it could be presented with some delay.

2016 will be one second longer

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2016 will be one second longer

Paris: experts decided that the land should be so that this year, adding a second at the end of 2016, compatible with the standard astronomical time.

It 'like extra second period of the year' leap second 'called and since 1972 2015 overall a second ground-year term at the end of 2016 and have been added 26 leap second increase the 27th leap second.

If it can not be just the one second gap in the telecommunications system operated throughout the world through communication satellites from.

Besides astronomical time depends on the axial rotation and is necessary for accurate astronomical calculation of time and astronomical time that groundwater quality, both compatible with each other or may be the fault of those hits.

In order to look closely at the Earth's axial rotation of France, the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service, the (e RSS) and decided to add observations based on leap second or not is. 

Last year, the night between June 30 and July 2015 (midnight) was added a leap second, while this year it will mark the night of December 31 2016 and January 2017 (midnight) the year the period will be extended for a second.

Honda electric vehicle concept.

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Honda electric vehicle concept

Leading Honda has released the first image of its new concept car.

New V-called experimental vehicle would be formally introduced at an event held in Las Vegas early next year.

The Honda Car Auto animated, electric and it has been the engine is equipped with Artie aymusn intelligence fusion technology.

The company also makes you more details regarding this issue, but has not said engine is equipped with technologies that amusn machines 'feeling'.

How much fuel tank of a vehicle that will provide the kind of support on the issue and inform others.

The animated dashboard will entertain the driver inside the vehicle when stuck in traffic jams.

The car details before next month will reflect the image has impressed the people and they are waiting to come to him eagerly.

The uniqueness which makes it look like a car designed for cars of the future.

Nokia returns with Android smartphone.

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Nokia returns with Android smartphone.

Much later be introduced at the beginning of the first Android smartphone Nokia in 2017

After last week's announcement back in tablets and phones on the market, the company now Finland has issued a statement in this regard.

Nokia will introduce its H MD devices under a licensing agreement with Global.

H MD is a Finland company and now it is the new home of Nokia phones and ten-year license agreement between the two companies.

Nokia said on Thursday introduced new phones section on their website and made it clear that he is ready to return to the market.

Microsoft bought the company adopted the name Lumia phone business over the Nokia brand.

They will be offered for sale in other common features with the Nokia phones will come out during the first half of 2017, Nokia's first Android phone.

Nokia had earlier runs on Microsoft to sell phone business was tested with Android, Android and iPad clones that had developed.

However, the Windows operating system in all Nokia smartphones around, new phone Android operating system may be able to attract consumers in the form of Nokia come up with.

Now it remains to be seen how that competition Nokia Android smartphone Apple, Google, Samsung and other companies.

Aircraft arriving within a minute Karachi To Lahore.

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Aircraft arriving within a minute 

Karachi To Lahore.

Do you like to travel in a plane that arrived in the US in less than a half hour from Karachi to New York? Indeed, some of those who claim similar to the ship of a new generation.

Canadian designer Charles bumbrdyyr have envisioned the anti-iPod plane named will decide less than a minute, if the distance of New York to Karachi will be able to fix in just 26 to 28 minutes or say that the distance from Karachi to Lahore .

The aircraft will be used a new technique long penetration mode that helps travel several times the speed compared to current aircraft in the aircraft.

Ten passengers will be able to travel and be able to fly the aircraft from the runway of an airport.

After the flight the rocket boosters will be delivered at an altitude of 40 thousand feet using it and the 
supersonic jet engine sound RAM will help speed 21 times faster than speed.

The aircraft will be capable of traveling at a speed of 16 thousand miles per hour, while the Boeing 747 is a general speed limit of 570 mph, which you acknowledge it will be much faster.

The designer of the plane will be capable of detecting even before the expiry of a football around the world.

The aircraft is currently in the preparation stages of Primary and yet it can not be overcome has been working on the design, the speed at which it is viewed over heating problems and too much noise etc.

NASA designer and an engineer working for the US Department of Defense Wiley company has offered to coordinate to overcome these problems.

According to the engineer Joseph Hazel Tyne NASA which can overcome these problems through this technique has been tested in the long penetration mode.

The rocket boosters will help bring the aircraft will be at 40 thousand feet and then back to the airport and use it again.

The boosters will be present at every emergency landing aircraft which help to reduce the speed and difficulty.

Now Google Chrome, also helps To save money

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Now Google Chrome, also helps To save money

Google has introduced a new version of Chrome web browser for Android users that will help them save money and odds.

Yes Google Chrome version 55 have been several updates to the text in the wrong spelling words will be automatically highlighted, while it will also reduce the burden on memory.

The browser now it will do much better on low memory devices.

But the most special feature results tab will help you save the cost of consumer data.

Users will now be able to download entire Web pages with the help of this new tab will also be able to read them offline and have images and text.

Similar videos or music will also be saved for offline viewing.

Which will be a new section, you will see the content you've downloaded and be able to share with others.

This feature was announced in September, which aims to bring the browser to Google in developing countries.

The feature has accumulated much data users download Chrome, it will be the consumer who will be able to delete it.

The world's most powerful smartphone battery

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The world's most powerful smartphone battery

In This Phone You Can Watch Videos About 32 Hours 

Who would not like to have a smartphone, a company that operates several times a day, week after being charged? China has developed a device that will hold the slahyt.

Gavin (Gionee) M 2017 (M2017), a Smartphone is the world's most powerful battery-powered device.

Is the 7000 mAh battery of the phone while the two nowadays, most phones have no more than three thousand mAh battery, but also stronger than most tablets, 

the Chinese mobile battery battery.

The company claims that the phone continues to be seen up to 32 hours video and 26 hours in normal use, this phone could last a week.

This phone snap dragonflies there are 653 processors and six GB RAM.

It is indeed a luxury phone that currently China is limited, but may be offered for sale in other countries in the near future, which may have originated from nearby neighbors.

The edge-to-HD screen boasts technology that is similar to Samsung Galaxy S seam edge when there are 12 and 13 megapixels Rear camera with 2x optical zoom has been like iPhone seam.

Back camera phone Gold plate and made the All Gold Subscriptions icon, the fingerprint reader has also been given 128 and 256 GB of storage.

This phone is almost the price of one thousand dollars (one million) but considering the battery power is very appropriate.

Bill Gates, the richest man in the world again

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Bill Gates, the richest man in the world again

The world's leading technology company, Microsoft founder Bill Gates once declared the richest man in the world.

American magazine Forbes has a year's worth of the assets of Bill Gates released a list of the richest 

personalities of 2016 were $ 75 billion and thus the world's richest person.

According to the report, last year Bill Gates was worth $ 79.2 billion in assets decreased year.

Bill Gates is the richest person in the world when the 17th time in the last 22 years.

Apparel maker declared Zara was second with $ 67 billion in assets while the owner Bridges Ortega Berkshire chief Warren hythauy third richest person with a $ 60.8 billion Inc. bafyt.

Mexico Telecommunications Chairman fourth with Carlos aslym Hello $ 50 billion.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 31, came sixth straight and 16th in value of these assets was $ 44.6 billion.

Cosmetics company from luryal Mistress Lilian France Log in Baton Court stay at No. 11 with $ 36.1 billion.

That the number of billionaires in the world has a thousand 810 have a net worth of $ 6.5 trillion in assets, 

including its 30 th annual list of richest people in the world, Forbes said.

According to a person of average total assets worth of billionaires is the first time in history has been lower than last year.

The average value of a billionaire's assets in 2016 were $ 30 million lower than last year.

According to most people in the world there are 540 billionaires in the United States.

Bill Gates is the most guilty of what?

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Bill Gates is the most guilty of what?

Most people only know 3 things about Bill Gates.

One was the richest man in the world, the second is that he has a Microsoft foundation of the most successful companies in the world, while the third is that they are part of social activities and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation humans worldwide is working for development.

But did you know that Bill Gates is What bothered or say that the biggest regret of his life?

Indeed, some years ago, Bill Gates the people online dialogue it was revealed themselves.And he is a foreigner (from England) do not know the language.

He said: "I consider myself to be very stupid that I do not know any foreign language, I took Latin and Greek subjects in high school and grade too and help them because I raise my womb ml.

He added, "But I wish that in French, Arabic or even knowledge of the Chinese language, I now hope that they will take the time to Coin to learn a language, possibly that of the French is the easiest.

He said, "I had also once Dave Lang (Language) application in this regard, but it could not keep.

The world's richest man, the founder of Facebook in this regard the mark are affected by Zuckerberg and said, Mark Zuckerberg took a surprise to learn the Chinese language and participate in the questions session with Chinese students, who really cool Is'.

Poke'Mon Go , now available in Pakistan

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Poke'Mon Go , now available in Pakistan

The was some talk of mobile apps, Poke'Mon Go "game in the world and everyone was suffering from fever, but Pakistan 

had to face this disappointment, he found them know that this game app available for them. do not have.

But now the wait is over and Pakistani consumers can enjoy the download even though Poke'Mon Go"Google Play Store.

Although many technology experts have been downloaded from alternative sources, but it is certainly good news all 

Pakistani consumers who are not familiar with these procedures.

However, note that this app 86 MB space is surrounded, so I must be mobile enough space for it.

About Poke'Mon Go

"Moon poky though I have to find customers Monsters (call) the real places of the world.

Monsters that you see on actual locations around and when you take them then you have to mqabh from other players 

who play the game by training them.

Take care of security!

"I Poke'Mon Go 'must play, but take care of your security and others.

In different countries of the world in recent days has been calling many accidents in playing this game.

In China has opened the world's tallest bridge

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In China has opened the world's tallest bridge

China's highest bridge of the south have been built in the mountains of western China, which has a length of 570 meters high, the river "bypan Jiang" (who made up Beipanjiang) started in listen construction of the bridge in 2012, it the bridge was built over nearly a kilometer wide gorge. 

the overall length of 1 thousand 3 hundred 41-meter bridge China's two provinces "Greece" Yunnan and "prophetic find" Guizhou will connect to each other, pull China 3 thousand km long motorway it was built as part of the G56.

Indicate the iPhone 6 million batteries

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Indicate the iPhone 6 million batteries

As a result of the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to explode chains had agreed to stop sales of the model and end it now seems to be facing the same problem Apple.

Various reports have appeared recently on the Apple iPhone Six According to Yahoo News, which was launched shackles change programs for affected users have acknowledged problems in the device battery.

But it's the end shackles of skin problems of charging and the phone was off, but now face a more serious problem than Apple and is tearing these devices.

Dec 6 complaints were brought to the iPhone six events in China's exploding on the Shanghai Consumer Council has called for Apple to solve them.According to the Council should be accountable to Apple users, most grievances are not resolved effectively.

The council said in its official statement so far at least phone batteries exploding least 8 separate incidents reported and complaints have increased over the past two months.

It has come to such events in different parts of the world, such as New Jersey iPhone burst into a student's pocket while an event occurred in Australia.Because of these problems from Apple is called the error occurred during manufacture.

According to the company, the issue of iPhones were up in October 2015 to September, which is limited to six million, and will change the fetters of these devices.Users can go to Apple's website in this regard that the device may include a program to change the battery or not.

Phone charging out of trouble

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Phone charging out of trouble

Science Linguistics from Ukraine Vladimir Miroslav kysylyf that can be claimed once a battery that provides up to twelve years of continuous electrical current smartphones. The astonishing thing is that the battery will need recharging once! In addition to smart phones that claim to scientists, the invention of the electric cars can also provide continuous power for so long.

Vladimir Miroslav professor of bio-organic chemistry at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine kysylyf. He's in the international competition of research projects prepared by battery exposure, sykuraskayy challenge. The matching sewing box battery was apparent claim impressive but scientists Ukrainian science that this device is kept active electronic devices over the past year and will continue to provide power without recharge for the next eleven years. 

Unlike ordinary batteries, battery electric storage, but does not develop into a reason to not require recharging Miroslav Putin said. If the battery is actually a plant.

Battery companies and researchers around the world in efforts to develop a battery that will charge devices like smartphones in low and does not require recharging for several days. These companies have enormous resources, in spite of the specialists still a revolutionary battery did not create, but Vladimir Miroslav made of battery two to four days, the whole twelve years to electrical and electronic equipment will continue to provide electricity ? 

According to senior researcher traytyym answer. This factor has been the ability to remove electrons.

Vladimir Miroslav alyktrukymykl cells were taken from that element, which stated battery are a thousand times more powerful. This kind of cell in the Ukraine are being used since the 1930s, but power was never used them.

Interesting thing is that this project was rejected by Vladimir Miroslav and his team was requested to provide funds to the government. 

The government refused, he himself funded the project costs. During the exhibition sykuraskayy challenge Vladimir Miroslav invention was a great success and these days he is in talks with the Turkish and Chinese manufacturers in the battery version for use in smartphones.

China's revolutionary engine ''s drive to go ahead in the race to claim'

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China's revolutionary engine ''s drive to go ahead in the race to claim'

In short, the electromagnetic drive M drive (EmDrive) is called, an engine that is running out of petrol, diesel, gas and electric and electronic strength of electromagnetic radiation would require investment.

The conventional engine is a mechanical process of changing the state status of the substances which are produced under co mayarhrkt or mechanical reaction. It provides the power to run the reaction engine. In contrast M drive will not cause reactions. 

This engine will power the electronic radiation investments held in a microwave caveat. According to Newton's third law, every action has a reaction, and the reaction force is equal to the force, but the M drive against the law.

In 2010, the United States and China on the preparation of this revolutionary engine started work at the same time. After six years now China has claimed M drive've created. Commercial satellite technology for the China Academy of Space Technology Director Dr. 

Chen Yu announced in December that China has tested ten successful M drives technology and its practical test centers have experienced being in space. Earth Orbit tyang Gong to the experience of China was delivered in September. M drive is being tested in the same.

The concept of creation was presented the Roger M. drive suyyr British. Interesting thing to consider is that it is impossible to create this kind of science, most scientists engine. They say that contradict the basic laws of physics can not be any invention. 

According to scientists, such as optical devices can be produced but impossible to realize them. In this context, the world of science is curiosity about China's claim. Scientists also truth in the claim that the ordinary student eager to learn science.

If the claim is true, then China's drive to create a new chapter will be based in the exploration of the universe, because theoretically the most suitable engine for travel in outer space. Lack of fuel needed to lose weight would be to prepare the spacecraft. 

M Drive in that the energy source is, therefore, such a power plant would be able to provide energy for space vehicles and other equipment. The small size using the M-Drive technology, but they could be made more useful satellites. It's the most important thing to do is drive the engine so fast aircraft using it will be able to ensure that only ten days to reach Mars from Earth.

The material is designed to withstand high temperatures.

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The material is designed to withstand 

high temperatures.

London: Imperial College London scientists have invented a material to withstand the highest temperature so far.

Scientists from Imperial College London's Department of Materials research. Sophisticated aircraft Mac 5 (ie 5 times the speed of sound) becomes very hot. 

Although these substances may take place outside metal but can be laid on a layer of a spacecraft to leave the Earth's atmosphere, or save it to warm them at high speed. The devices also can be made from materials that can carry out their work in the heat.This material 4 thousand degrees centigrade high temperature melt and were not prepared to match two rare minerals.

It will pave the way for the modernization of the equipment and ship through space to work in extreme temperatures.The mixed material is made from tantalum carbide (TaC) and hafnyym carbide (HfC). 

These days the mineral ceramics which have the ability to tolerate heat therefore made devices reactors would be used for the tropical environment and the spacecraft being sent into distant space. 

The interesting thing is that so far no reliable test could not detect the material being tested.The outer surface of rapid air jhazaurklayy ship becomes too hot and new material to devour save space in this state. 

Experts from both the 3 mjmuaytyar minerals and try to thaw them with a laser. This is the first serious effort to use tantalum carbide and carbide hafnyym in the last 50 years. This research has found that both of them in a mixture of the minerals which can now match the known temperature of the lake in any matter.

Experts tried separately and melt mixed with tantalum carbide and carbide hafnyym and note the melting rate. I think that made the mixture is melted at 3905 ° C and it is a guess because there are signs pointing the note before the meltdown.

Facebook made a change from silence

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Facebook made a change from silence

Facebook's often not even given some features introduced in the silence of millions of users.

The book has been a huge change for our customers have not experienced them yet.

Yes, now you can fill color in the background updating your status and a big change made by Facebook this year.

Facebook introduced to the best feature made quietly past its mobile app.

It is very easy just updated the Facebook app and start writing in the status column.

It can be used as a background application, which will then forward antkab colors status.

Now turn white from Facebook's facility to use as background seven colors.

Apparently so happy as aims to change the status color to suit your mood or upset customers pale gray.

As a result of this change in status updates has come at a very bold white text that comes between the background looks like a newspaper headline.

This feature is currently only available for Android users while Facebook has not officially announced any side in this regard.

The easiest way to clean up storage on Android phones

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The easiest way to clean up storage on 

Android phones

What will happen if you take thousands of photos in the library of the years and helped make videos of songs but is now closer to the phone storage?

Indeed, the storage capacity Android phones vary in each model are also some options that allow you fnz in data management or help them cleared.

Samsung Galaxy S seam or storage can be expanded via the SD card in a few other Android phones that is not possible to save files and media on the device can be placed.

But every Android phone is not an option and is not SD card slot in your phone, or if you want to increase the capacity of the card a few things in the process.

There are two effective ways for this.

If these apps are not deleted, but they used to be, thanks to the phone updates are a burden on storage while they are occupying valuable space on the phone

Use the photos and videos you want to keep but do not want to save their photos or Dropbox for cloud services such as Google.

In fact, Google Photos gives you the convenience of automatic keep your media files stored on your bus pass it on to you.

Viber introduced some great features for users

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Viber introduced some great features for users

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger app Viber competitors as a new video other videos from the app via SMS feature which has made the introduction will send just one click.

This feature has been introduced in the new version of the app includes chat chat aykstysnz that can be considered a protected alternative.

Through these extensions, users will be able to get information from the services outside the app.

Initially Giphy In this regard, Wikipedia has taken us six apps, including movie database.

The Viber These features have been introduced in iOS updates iOS and Android apps.

Viber has 86 million registered users worldwide and this app WhatsApp and is searching for new ways to grow than other messaging services

In today's world, people are sending video messages via Messenger, WhatsApp and other apps that are not sent to the principle of the old MMS estimates that, but it is free.

This video messages Viber expect them to be different from others because it has direct access to the messaging screen shape standalone service.

So it will be able to send messages Viber simply by pressing a button and have different measures in other apps.

This year 2016 will be one second longer

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This year 2016 will be one second longer

Well, when in fact it will not be a minute a minute? If the answer is December 31, 2016 at 23:59 minutes in the Green Man Time (GMT) when over one minute, 61 seconds worldwide.

This unique event is called leap second this year and the highlight is the 29 February 2016, the Air laptops.

The reason is to combine the right time clocks to tell the rotation of the Earth, which is affected by the gravity of the moon and the sun.

However, for watchmaking experts it is extra important and moving second iteration of its importance.

However, it is clear that you take account of the leap second will not need to upgrade your old clocks, it is important for a super atomic clocks that mechanisms frequency.

1972 has been increased to 26 times the leap second and last time this happened was June 30, 2015.

In 2016 the figure was dominated by Google

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In 2016 the figure was dominated by Google

I do not believe the people want to know about Donald Trump.

Google is to say the least.

Yes worldwide, which was the highest figure in Google search that no newly elected American president is Donald Trump.

The Time quoted the data of Google in a magazine report that people around the world suffer the most curious of Donald Trump than anyone else.

Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Russia and Saudi Arabia from Donald Trump in the 88 countries most searched personalities.

The popularity of Google declared 2015 to review the data for each country in search of personality Donald Trump during the 2016 top.

The President will lead leola da Silva in Brazil, while Colombia and Singapore dominate the Olympic gold medalist Mariana pajun Joseph Schooling respectively.

I loved Morocco residents learn about Leonardo DiCaprio will be Angelina Jolie in Montenegro remain top of Hadid and Tunisia.

Wireless Charging in iPhone

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Wireless Charging in iPhone

San Francisco: California start-up company, aynrgus' Midrange is working on a wireless charging system that can charge any device located within 15 feet and is believed to be working for the firm Apple.

Technology analyst saying for months that may revolutionize the iPhone with curved corners of the screen and other amazing features included that aynrgus and the new iPhone is also important agreement between Apple can lead to changes.

The aynrgus are also working with Apple co pygatran semiconductor and communications companies.

Next year is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and Apple wants it surprised the world once again. The bank may also be curved with a display of glass and home button will be made part of the touch screen.

Wireless charging full glass would be possible through the casing.

It is generally expected to set a new and pleasant change in the next iPhone that plastic and LED screens, Doyle III-D camera lens and the white set is expected.

Online writing you earn

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Online writing you earn

If you did not complete his studies for some reason, but master to earn income equal to s or M Phil degree holders or get a good job despite being educated is the only online rating the only people qualified to higher education a successful people stand equal to the demand of writing more online information on the Internet but being

young family sitting at the lack of suitable training centers are unaware of earning a living. I provided some useful information in light of your experience:

First Step

You if you want to become an online writer, first you must know the fundamentals of English, Tenses

(Tenses) Direct their direct, correct use of active and passive voice, Parts of Speech, etc. should be crossed. We also have to master the basic grammar rules online quiz, you can benefit from them.

You have to be second at skill to operate all programs using the computer, typing and MS Office. The two main studies are more strongly constant practice, the basic orientation of the coffee.

Second step

The second stage can work in your personal computer and Internet access should be available all the time, because the laptop computer laptop better then suddenly the work will not be lost in case the power.

If you own the necessary equipment related to computers and you have the ability to earn an income of ten thousand to fifty

thousand per month.

Third Step

You must be a way to use the Internet, you have the skills to download the information kumstnd major search engines and websites should be aware of, etc., plus different types of files. The ability to understand research papers and journals.

With the help of online dictionaries you can quickly translate difficult words to be translated into every language supported, but Google is present.

Fourth Step

For the Internet and computer use, you will have to decide whether you feel comfortable writing what kind of writing because online there are different aspects of writing, such as educational purposes, blogs, articles, news, assignments, They practice writing N sector, you will know that it is best for you.

Fifth Step

Since writing is a creative writing skills in more online exercises can be given to testing errors of grammar and present these online software to check plagiarism. They help you to correct what or you can check the work itself.

You will have to write about every guide online. This time there would be no need to pay tuition.

Sixth and final stage

Here you will find the lawn Online jobs, it is recommended not only sector which serves neither your outward personality, your job is just to guarantee your success.

This time in Pakistan and convenient tool for everyday jobs for ordinary people, and in addition are the employment agency Reuters. You will be hard at first, but remember Slowly but are ongoing race winner.

Electric water making paper battery

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Electric water making paper battery

US scientists have invented such a layer can be not only the cost of paper battery but is also capable of generating power from the microbes in wastewater.

Paper batteries believes nothing new but so far formed the experimental paper batteries have been too expensive, 

and so far they have not started commercial But this lying Battery Description in disadvantaged areas medical sensors may be used to provide power, but may also be more likely.

This new paper battery that looks like a thick black paper, the New York bench Hampton University, the Chinese-born scientist has invented and that although the battery of each box is a small power, but more than a dozen the electric field can be made by linking the amount that would be enough for the sensors used in medical diagnosis.

Unlike other paper batteries can power the scientist is not only the tears flowing from the eyes of emergencies microbes (bacteria) in the water.

Facebook started the group voice call to the desktop

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Facebook started the group voice call to the desktop

The world's most popular social network Facebook has started considering the group voice calling for the desktop version.

Tech Crunch website, according to some accounts who were given the option of testing for new features in the top group chat messenger. 

He seems certain brabrmyn using Facebook group calling phone icon in Messenger boxes to customers for that they can talk to more than one friend.

This option previously existed in Messenger, but Facebook is trying to bring it to the desktop computer. In addition, there is also the option of Skype and other applications. 

This option for Facebook Messenger was launched in April this year. And is now being presented to the desktop on major social media platforms.

The world's first power up the road in France

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The world's first power up the road in France

France area was opened to traffic the first solar street in Normandy, which is one kilometer long.

The test road, Watts Way 'name has been estimated daily vehicles which will pass approximately 2 thousand, have been installed 2880 solar panels on the road.

 It is estimated that the road to the amount of 767 280 kilowatts hour of electricity generated megawatt hour would be enough to light the street lights around and entertaining area around the road at night. Solar testing will continue for two years.

The solar panels are very fragile and can not withstand more weight, but Watt Way has been made for the installation of solar panels so strong that if the car or truck passed them on anything.

Earlier strongest solar panels made in the Netherlands could pass on those that were able to ride a bicycle and had been broken when more weight.

The large number of jellyfish in oceans

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The large number of jellyfish in oceans

International Institute for Conservation (WWF) Pakistani officials say the huge number of jellyfish in the sea near Ormara and Karachi has seen what was never seen before.

Because jellyfish are growing concerned local fishermen hard numbers when they go fishing in the sea to fish, instead of selling the jellyfish are caught in their net.

Such numbers are estimated ignorance of WWF Pakistan Pakistan's marine environment was evident from the statement noted that the jellyfish are very rarely seen in the sea. Although marine life in Pakistani waters (marine life) 

assessments of the already known fact that the most vulnerable to the fish and the fish as a result of climate change have been greatly reduced, while the opposite Jelly Fish the number is constantly growing, which is a serious threat to the marine environment.

Marine life experts will halt the ban on fishing with small nets and large ships that have been constantly warned Pakistan's oceans over the past 20 years or even local fishermen fish will be eliminated and business.

The various foreign companies are widely allowed to reign in Pakistan's territorial waters, the fishing of large ships being used fine nets for the purpose of killing caught the fish small child.